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Now that you've learned what the smart sex nutrients are, how they work, and what foods to find them in, here's how to use them to the best advantage, concentrating on two important areas: orgasm and impotence.

For orgasm: the orgasm-enhancing smart-nutrient formula U4EA supplies your cells and central nervous system with the essential chemicals it requires to trigger and sustain sexual climax. For impotence: the Power-Up formula will provide the necessary chemicals required by the body to enhance, maintain, and sustain an erection.

These two formulas—or smart-nutrient miniplans—have helped my clients enjoy a fuller and more vital sex life. I'll tell you how to make them yourself from their component parts—vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you can find in most vitamin or health food stores. (Note: if you want to remind yourself what these nutrients do, look them up in the two previous sections on the body's natural aphrodisiacs and vitamins and minerals. I'll explain what a particular nutrient is and what it does in the following section only if I haven't covered it already.)

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Use a potent multivitamin-mineral formulation, such as CoQ10 Maxi-Life (Twin Laboratories) or Life Extension Mix (Life Extension Foundation) each day to supply the necessary nutritional cofactors that will help these two formulas achieve their maximum effectiveness.