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Why bother with an individualized assessment such as the IQ? If these supplements are immune enhancers, doesn't it make sense to give everybody as much of them as possible? Most emphatically not! Research shows that many of these substances produce the very best possible immune health only within a very specific dosage range. Massive doses can put a person well beyond that optimal immune-health range. If your body contains enough of a given substance, even an average dose could put you over the top so that there would be less benefit for your immune system than if you had taken nothing at all!

Overdosing with certain crucial nutrients can also create a deficit of complementary nutrients. If the body's equilibrium is disturbed in this way, a wide range of toxic responses may follow. In view of the increasing use of self-prescribed supplements, many experts are concerned about indiscriminate nutrient overdose.

Even if we don't suffer specific toxic reactions, there are many nutrients—iron, zinc, and A vitamins are the best examples—that work best in a very narrow range. With these, too much is as destructive as too little, and ignorant self-dosing destroys the precise balance the immune system needs, leading us further away from the optimal immune health we want to achieve.