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It would seem simple to look up the proper doses of these supplements and recommend them to everyone, right? Well, it's surprisingly hard to find out just how much is enough. Any physician has access to information about all prescription drugs and their proper dosage, method of administration, benefits, effects, and risks. There are reams of information available on drugs that are highly toxic, very specialized, or used only rarely. Yet there is shockingly little information about something as simple as vitamin and mineral supplements.

Sadly, we know more about how esoteric drugs with unpronounceable names affect a rat's liver than we do about how some vitamins work in people. During my years in medical school and practice, as well as when I was engaged in the research needed for this book, I made exhaustive literature and computer searches for this information. I am constantly amazed at how little relative attention has been paid to the way these natural supplements work to improve our immune health. In a country as medically advanced as ours, it is shocking that there is so little information about basic nutrient levels, and such a dearth of carefully controlled research.

Happily, recent years have produced breakthrough research in the field that is illuminating uncharted areas. Authorities estimate that new findings in this most revolutionary science are doubling every four years. That is an amazing statement: fully half of what we now know about immune-enhancing substances was discovered in the last four years; and in four years from now, we should know twice as much. Physicians, public health scientists, epidemiologists, and bio-statisticians have begun to study the effect of nutrient supplements in large numbers of people over long periods. The scientific community is starting to realize that the entire area of immuno-nutrition carries the single best hope of radically changing our idea of health by our learning to prevent diseases and suffering.

The Federal government gave a boost to this research when scientists at the Food and Drug Administration created a standard known as the Minimum Daily Requirement (MDR), which indicates levels of vitamins and minerals adequate for health.

In fact, the MDR measures only the absolute lowest level of each nutrient necessary to avoid becoming seriously, actively sick. Granted, if you follow these recommendations, you won't get deficiency diseases like scurvy (caused by a lack of vitamin C) or pellagra (due to a lack of niacin). But, in fact, these standards are inadequate for true immune power.

We need much higher levels of several nutrients to maximize our health and feel truly alive and vigorous. This is especially true if your IQ is significantly low, for that means your immune system has been chronically undernourished. You have learned to live with this and the subtle (and not so subtle) effects of long-term deficits; you will need bold, aggressive treatment to make up for those long-term imbalances.

If you are familiar with the Minimum Daily Requirement, you will notice that my recommended doses are clearly much larger. My experience has convinced me that these are much more realistic, practical doses to repair, rebuild, and renew a tired immune system.

The program I outline in chapter 14 is based on exactly these rebuilding principles. Whatever your IQ category, each plan is designed to actively rebuild your immune defenses.

Those are the principles which have given my patients such tremendous improvements in their health, weight, and vitality. Many of my patients found it hard to believe that they would feel such sweeping improvements in their lives. That's understandable, for after all, our immune system affects so much of our health, and the improvements are so dramatic, that even the most sober recitation of facts sounds like wild exaggeration.

But once my patients have followed my recommendations and discovered how terrifically strong and vital they feel, they can't believe they ever lived any other way.

In the next three chapters you'll find a wealth of very specific information on how you can rebuild your immune system to boost your Immune Quotient. This is the final step towards achieving superb "immune tune."