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Fruit digests the fastest of all. Fruit usually spends, at the most, one hour in your stomach. However, because it is digested so quickly, it combines with nothing else. If you eat fruit with any other foods, it will get trapped in your stomach. Think about what happens to a piece of fruit when it's in a hot room for a little while. It ferments.

Remember, all the stomach does to fruit is rot and ripen it and we do not want it to spend any extra time there.

When you miscombine, when you put foods together that are not digested together, you run the risk of two things happening: first, the food will get trapped where it shouldn't and ultimately turn to fat; second, because food is not being broken down into nutrients the way it should, you are not getting the nutritional value you need from it. Not only will your hips suffer, but so will your health. Indigestion is far more than gas and heartburn. Indigestion is fat!