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ALIMENTARY, MY DEAR EVE - Why Fad Diets Will Not Work

There will always be fad diets because they offer the American dream—instant, easy results. But thinking people know, deep down inside, that fad diets never work. Sure, you may take ten pounds off quickly—but you'll gain it back. You'll suffer from the yo-yo syndrome and you'll have a closet with two wardrobes, your "fat" clothes and your "thin" clothes. In the end, you'll mostly be frustrated, angry, sick, and heavy.

Anyone with a strong sense of willpower can follow a strict food plan for ten to fourteen days and take off ten pounds. But those plans are not safe for everyday living and do not offer the ease or comfort we have come to demand from our regular meals. They always stand for deprivation. They are programs to be "on" until you go "off" them—they are not life-style plans. The only successful diet doesn't feel like a diet.

Why This Plan Works

This weight loss plan works because it demands few changes from your husband—or any other person on it who is trying to slim down. In fact, I find the diet harder for the person doing the cooking than for the person doing the losing. (But that's only my opinion, and it's based on the fact that I hate to cook.)

Look at it this way, any plan that can be implemented without your husband's knowing it, can't be so difficult that he will be miserable. If he's not miserable, he won't go off the diet. In fact, part of the time, he won't know he's on it. Your husband's life will improve when he is on this food plan, and that is why it will work.