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Conscious Combining is consciously putting foods together that digest together, foods that work together. By Conscious Combining, not only will you not get fat, you will achieve high health and energy. That's what the Beverly Hills Diet is all about.


  • Proteins go with other proteins and fats.
  • Carbs go with other carbs and fats.
  • Fruit goes alone.
  • Fats go with either proteins or carbs.

When you mix proteins and carbs, the carbs will usually be trapped in your stomach with the proteins. Your poor stomach can only do one thing at a time, either work or empty. And as long as the protein is there, it has no choice but to work.

If you're fat, you can ill afford so much as a trapped mushroom, a baked potato, or a sprig of parsley! But since man does not live by pasta or steak alone, since the inevitable is that we will miscombine because there are so many marvelous miscom-binations—the hamburger with everything on it, spaghetti and meatballs—as well as foods that only exist as miscombinations— those entities unto themselves, the pizza, corned beef on rye, quiche, the "balanced meal"—we have to make every "miscombination" count, then know how to correct them. We have to know how to compensate for them. That's coming up a littlee later. Remember I said you were going to get away with murder, and you will. It's really simple. Staying thin is a product not of what you eat or how much you eat but what foods you eat together and when you eat them. What you eat before them and what you eat after them. By understanding the process, by learning the basics of your body's enzymatic capabilities and taking advantage of this knowledge, you too can obtain slimhood forever. I promise. ...